Your questions

Where do the gems come from?

The 25 carefully chosen gems in Coeur de Gem are specially cut in India and Europe from rough gemstones carefully selected by our French partner, a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC).

The rough gemstones come from several countries of origin: India, Brazil, the United States...

You will find the exact origin of each gem in the application.

What are the symbols on the gems?

For thousands of years, gems have had their own symbolism.

Each gem was believed to possess specific powers and virtues linked to the legends of its origins, but also to its colour.

Coeur de Gem invites you to discover these symbols as they have come down to us thanks to texts, some of which date back to Greek Antiquity, which transcribe a much older oral tradition.

The virtues attributed to gems bear witness to our fascination with the mysterious beauty of precious stones, a universal cultural heritage.

Some of them are associated with the 12 months of the year: these are the birthstones.

You can select your gems according to the birth month of the person for whom the necklace is intended.

What are the dimensions of the gems?

The diameter of the gems is 6 mm for hearts and rounds.

Faceted gems are approximately 3.5 mm thick and polished gems are a maximum of 3 mm thick.

They move freely in the locket, projecting their sparkle as they move.

The gems in my locket are slightly different from those in the application, is this normal?

Our gems are cut from rough gemstones that contain several subtle shades of the same colour.

Even if they come from a single rough, all the gems will therefore be different.

No two gems will ever be perfectly identical, which guarantees you a unique piece of jewellery, especially for patterned gems such as Malachite, Rutile Quartz and Labradorite.

The gems bear the hallmark of the cutter and their expertise: they are tiny unique works of art!

We work with our supplier to ensure that our gems meet our quality criteria, in terms of colour and size, and are as close as possible to those shown in the application.

What are the dimensions of the locket?

The locket is 22 mm in diameter and 5 mm thick.

Its adjustable chain (42-48 cm) makes it both elegant and comfortable to wear.

What is the material used for the locket and its chain?

Your locket is carefully crafted in France from recyclable gold-plated brass and is glazed on both sides with mineral glass, revealing the sparkling reflections of the magnificent gems you have chosen.

It is 22 mm in diameter and 5 mm thick.

Its adjustablegold-plated brasschain (42-48 cm) ensures that you wear it elegantly and comfortably.

Will the necklace fit me?

We've chosen to offer you a one-size-fits-all locket:

The adjustable chain (42-48 cm) ensures you wear your locket in style and comfort.

The locket is 22 mm in diameter and 5 mm thick.

What should I do if my locket breaks?

The Coeur de Gem necklace has two circular panes of mineral glass, but we advise you to make sure you have secured the clasp to its adjustment ring to prevent it from falling off.

And if, despite all your precautions, one of the panes breaks, don't panic!

Keep all the parts of your Coeur de Gem jewel and send us an e-mail explaining the situation to the following address:

We'll get back to you as soon as possible and find a solution!

What will I receive at home?

We have taken particular care with the packaging of your Coeur de Gem jewel:

Your locket will be presented in a beautiful powder pink velvet case that enhances this romantic treasure and makes it the most elegant of gifts.

What's more, you can re-use each of the elements: the pink velvet pouch, the case and the pink cardboard box.

The packaging of your jewel has been specially designed by Coeur de Gem to offer a unique experience. It is made in Europe.

How will I receive my jewel?

We have chosen to offer you delivery by La Poste - Colissimo.

As soon as your parcel has been dispatched, we will send you an e-mail with the tracking number printed on the proof of deposit, so that you can follow it on the La Poste website.

You will receive your jewel, carefully packaged in its beautiful case, to which will be attached the QR code enabling you to discover the symbolism of the gems and their legends.

Can I return my Coeur de Gem jewellery?

Your jewel is a unique piece of jewellery, crafted exactly according to your choices in the application.

You have carefully and lovingly chosen the gems and symbolism that make up your jewel.

All these choices make your jewel a made-to-measure piece of jewellery, specially personalised by you and made by Coeur de Gem.

We advise you to take the time to think before ordering your jewel: once your order has been placed, we will unfortunately be unable to exchange or refund it in accordance with article L221-28, 3° of the French Consumer Code, as mentioned in the general terms and conditions of sale in paragraph 9: No right of withdrawal.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts about choosing your gems: we'd be delighted to help!

How long will I have to wait for my order?

The delivery time for your jewel is indicated in your basket and in the order confirmation email.

The average delivery time is 5 to 7 working days.